General postings

Hi, I apologise for the delay in posting, I had got caught up in trying to make my postings as serious ànd fact-full as possible. Well, as that didn’t seem to work quite as well as I had hoped, I’m going to try a different tack… I am just going to post as I go, … More General postings

Homeless hollyoaks!

So, I’ve just been watching “Hollyoaks”, the homelessness story and its pretty realistic. Although it’s fairly basic! It really doesn’t show half as much as it could. It doesn’t show people’s attitudes; people who work, security guards, police, or even the ‘them and us’ attitudes of EVERY person on the streets. The different types of … More Homeless hollyoaks!

I lost my phone!

Hi there I’m back! I lost my phone a few weeks ago on the tram and I’ve only just managed to get one back now, but I will be posting more and more now (hopefully)!

Hope for the future.

Thank you for all of  your comments and let’s hope these changes can continue in a positive direction, as far as it goes, all of the homeless charities and support systems are doing all that they can but there are a lot of holes in the system and not everyone is getting all the support … More Hope for the future.