Homeless hollyoaks!

So, I’ve just been watching “Hollyoaks”, the homelessness story and its pretty realistic. Although it’s fairly basic! It really doesn’t show half as much as it could. It doesn’t show people’s attitudes; people who work, security guards, police, or even the ‘them and us’ attitudes of EVERY person on the streets. The different types of homeless people aren’t shown, the spice heads, the smack and crack heads, the shop lifters, the prostitutes, and everyone else in between! It doesn’t show the violence, the hatred that every single person has, for whatever reason! It doesn’t show the utter isolation or the danger of being out there every night alone, so totally vulnerable to everyone and everything. The program didn’t even scratch the surface of what homelessness is like, and and, although the part where Dean died was real enough, again it only showed a little bit of how it feels to have someone die right in front of you, purely due to the lifestyle of living on the streets.
I can’t believe how vague it was! I really hope I can do something with this blog to rectify the problem, and portray just how bad it really is out there!
There used to be an organisation called ‘no 2nd night out’ (Rusholme and by Riverside), who would take your details online and come and find you where you were sleeping and get you information and refer you to places where you could get help. They would come and see for themselves that you were in fact genuinely sleeping rough and make sure you got some help.
I guess that with hindsight ‘no second night out’ was actually a bit unrealistic but at least it was a start. That service has closed down now and even their day centre has closed down, but they do still work with the homeless to help them with their situation and make referals to hostels and other places to get people back on their feet again and their hostels are very well run.

So, as I was saying, Hollyoaks did try to portray life on the streets but hardly even scratched the surface. That’s hopefully where I can come in and fill in some of the details!


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